We are committed to the success of your project

  • Independently owned, Park Lane Projects delivers exceptional project and development management services to the property and construction industry.  For over 20 years, our leadership team has shaped, nurtured, and delivered some of the most iconic and successful buildings and spaces.

  • From luxury residences to high-rise commercial structures, our approach is built on expertise, leadership, organization, and client-centric experiences. With our experienced team and Directors boasting over 80 years of combined experience, we deliver unparalleled service and project leadership.

  • We provide comprehensive advice, leadership, and management for all aspects of property and development, from inception to completion. Our experience spans the entire project life cycle, blending commercial insight, technical expertise, and exceptional people skills to unlock value and create outstanding places. We maximize value at every opportunity by maintaining the highest standards, acting with care and diligence throughout.

The parklane family

Dedicated to owners' success, every step of the way

The heart of our culture is our people. People with passion, who lead with curiosity (not judgement), and do whatever it takes to get the work done and done right.

At Park Lane Projects, we have reimagined the construction journey, crafting a bespoke process centered around your goals and ambitions. From luxury residences to high-rise commercial structures, our project delivery methodology is built on a foundation of unrivaled expertise, strategic leadership, meticulous organization, and a commitment to exceptional client experiences from beginning to end.

Driven by a team of seasoned professionals, we have earned a reputation for excellence. With our Directors bringing over 80 years of collective experience, we deliver unmatched service and exemplary project leadership.

At Park Lane Projects, we serve as an extension of your team, dedicated to representing owners and prioritizing their bestinterests in every decision.

As our client's unbiased advocate, we go beyond the traditional client-consultant relationship, embracing collaboration and accountability to drive projects forward. Our leadership is bolstered through tailored recruitment to provide unmatched technical expertise in our field and innovative forward thinking solutions which pave the way for maximizin gproject success.

Appointing Park Lane Projects, allows you to focus on your core business. Entrusting us with your project, you gain peace of mind and assurance of successful execution and delivery.Our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering Owner's Rep Services ensures that each project is managed with the utmost skill and expertise, consistently earning us respect and repeat business from satisfied clients.

We are proud to be able to say our number one source forbusiness is repeat clients and referrals from current and previous clients.

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Our Values

Park Lane Culture – Built on Strong Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of our vibrant culture, defining who we are and what we stand for. We embody these principles daily in our interactions with each other and everyone we encounter.

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In a fast-paced and changing world, we cannot sit still. By embracing new technology and forward-thinking strategies, we stay ahead of trends, adopt innovations early, and collaborate with partners to create the best tools and resources for client and project success.


We stand by our promises and commitments. Operating with full transparency, we focus on solutions, not blame. We say what we will do and deliver on our word.

Shared Success

Collaboration fuels our excellence. By sharing knowledge openly, we believe in collective improvement. With zero drama and politics, we align with our clients’ needs, ensuring everyone contributes to the goal. Success or failure is shared by all, and we learn together from our mistakes.

Net Zero Cost

Our aim is for our services to result in at minimum, a zero net cost to clients by the project’s end. Early involvement maximizes this opportunity, typically leading to cost savings that far exceed our fees. We achieve this through team collaboration, not an adversarial mindset.

Ethics and Integrity

We are direct, honest, and transparent in all we do. We uphold the highest ethical standards, guided by a strong moral compass. We challenge actions against our values and always follow through on commitments, ensuring the best for our clients, partners, and team.

Anticipate and Lean Forward

We foresee issues and turn them into opportunities for innovative problem-solving, avoiding the pitfalls of last-minute decisions.

Execute and Deliver

Decisive action drives projects forward. We explore options, make informed decisions, and execute them efficiently to keep projects on track.

Adaptability and Agility

In a complex world, we train our teams to adapt swiftly and effectively to changing client needs, ensuring responsive and high-quality service.


We embody professionalism in our communication, appearance, and daily actions. Consistency, respect, and professionalism define every interaction with clients, stakeholders, and team members.

Client Priority

Client success is our success. We deliver exceptional service through tailored solutions and strive to exceed our clients' unique needs.

Passionate and Motivated

Passion drives all our values. We strive for excellence in every job through our enthusiasm and motivation.


Everything we produce is a direct reflection of our company, our personnel, our values. Every budget, every schedule, every meeting minute, every email must be constructed and checked in accordance with our elevated quality requirements.


We treat our firm’s and our clients’ resources with utmost care, as if they were our own


We are problem solvers. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. We embrace challenges and bring our clients' visions to life.

Restlessness and Relentlessness

Complacency is not an option. We constantly seek improvement, enhancing our clients' missions, professionalism, excellence.


We have the courage to ask tough questions, tackle high-risk problems, and achieve remarkable results for projects and teams.

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Our Vision

Strong Leaders & Collaborators, Dedicated to Making Building Better

We pride ourselves on building teams of accomplished professionals with extensive real-world construction management experience. Our project managers work on a wide range of projects. Whilst they may specialize  in a particular sector, their broad experience brings innovative ideas to the table.

We customize our approach to suit each client and every project has Director level involvement. Understanding that extraordinary projects are the result of rigorous collaboration, we employ a team-based approach to project management, cultivating positive working relationships among the entire project team which ultimately yields dividends for our clients.

The founding team are experienced consultants who set up Park Lane to build an independently owned and run consultancy practice. The Park Lane Directors have worked together for 20+ years and have a combined 80+ years of unrivalled knowledge of the construction sector.

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